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Van Halen @ Olho Nu

The "Van Halen @ Olho Nu" website is simply a place where the webmaster will try to gather information about the band throughout the years.

Ideas about this website were evolving for a long time (almost since Sammy left the band...) and the reunion seemed a good excuse to dive into Van Halen matters again.

So, it's obvious that there will be no room for gossip, speculation, novels or hypotetic information... there will be no time for that at all. This one is about facts, pictures, interviews, gear and all the real stuff that surround their music.

The webmaster, apparently at work...

But, it's obvious that there are some things required when you think of building a trusted and somewhat exhaustive compilation of information about the band. There are a few that can be named:
  • a webmaster [ 1 ] - even if he's wearing a t-shirt backwards (just for the sake of the picture, one may guess) and has bare feet (phew!), it always help having some crazy bloke putting some ideas together and getting them available for other people to see;
  • a computer [ 2 ] - in order to write some ideias down, to compose some HTML, to create images, to edit the pictures... it helps having a computer and it also helps if you have a fast internet connection (and obviously a place where you can put/host the webpages);
  • a dream-guitar [ 3 ] - it's almost a must... in order to keep the passion, even if VH's not putting out new material in years, and play some music (and really express yourself through it), you have to own a guitar that inspires you to live your music in the most intense way possible;
  • an amplifier [ 4 ] - if the guitar you own is an electric one, chances are you want to have a decent sound... the way many people see it (and that includes this webmaster), you can go from brand to brand and you'll find that these amps are still a reference and everyone measure their amps by Jim's;
  • a batch of effects [ 5 ] - it's true that a guitar n' amp will do but when you try to discover your sound, it's almost certain that you'll bump into some effects, whatever they are;
  • foot control [ 6 ] - either if it's a midi controller or just pedal effects, if you're playing out, you have to be in control;
  • a reliable guitar [ 7 ] - no explanation required; this is the cornerstone of everyone's playing... the extent of your fingertips (or picks) must be a reliable instrument on which you can depend, 24/7;
  • a d.i.y. guitar [ 8 ] - this just means learning... even if it sounds just ok and you cannot make it sound better; it's always a great idea to dive into a subject and do things yourself... no matter if it's a guitar, a website or just some scrambled eggs !!!
Other than that, there's nothing much to it !

Thank you for your visit,
Hugo, the webmaster

Note: if you know of any material that should be removed from the website or have a copyright notice added, do let me know; this website is a fanpage and there is no intention whatsoever of using copyright contents that owners do not want to share as their intelectual propriety, even if it's without any commercial purpose.

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