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What's new ?

  • 2011.Jun.18 - updated the news, history, menu headers (new guitars and words), added an interview and concert schedule for 2011;
  • (...)
  • 2007.Sep.08 - added the report about the band's rehearsal, along with a setlist and photo collection;
  • 2007.Sep.06 - added the Gibson prototype and a suggestion of setlist for the upcoming tour;
  • 2007.Aug.29 - added and updated the tour dates and corrected some texts and headers in the news section;
  • 2007.Aug.28 - updated the index page and updated the headers for secondary sections;
  • 2007.Aug.27 - updated our ranking (which is now #1) in the newsflash and updated the Uniondale concert date;
  • 2007.Aug.23 - added news about Michael Anthony blog message and corrected some information in the 2006 Extreme reunion news;
  • 2007.Aug.22 - added contents in the original albums pages (still no lyrics added) and also the solo appearences;
  • 2007.Aug.21 - corrected the recent news page links, added new dates to the tour schedule, added image and audio files into multimedia section;
  • 2007.Aug.13 - updated the news and members bio, added the tour schedule, updated/corrected the news archive;
  • 2007.Aug.10 - updated the news from 2007 and added pictures;
  • 2007.Jul.02 - updated the news from 2005 (Paul Anka, VH 101, Mad Anthony's Sauce);
  • (...)
  • 2004.Jun.10 - the side is officially lauched.
This is a neverending list. To be updated/completed.

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